January 12, 2017 RIZEMAG 0Comment

Climate Revolution has teamed up with Olumide Galleries and The Bulb for this seasons ‘it’ party and exhibition.  ‘SWI-TCH’ is aimed at large cities such as our very own London  and is determined to help produce real change.  The live event will take place at the iconic Fabric night club.

Switch is set to be one of the biggest cultural events this year, selling out in a matter of hours and and will be an incred-ible opportunity to celebrate our culture and conscious environmental activism.  Speakers will include Dame Vivienne Westwood, James Jagger (Project Zero) and green energy supplier,  Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince. To get the party started will be an exclusive DJ set by ‘A Guy Called Gerald’ and other special guests.The exhibition will run for one full week and is open to the public. for one full week.

‘Be a part of the revolution’ and attend Olumide Galleries upcoming exhibition at Clerkenwell London 20-26th of February.