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The Energy Garden is working with TFL, Arriva, Network Rail and The Greater London Authority, to redesign our cities concrete landscape.

Meliha Duymaz, Network Rail’s route managing director: “Being involved in this project will enable us to transform our track side spaces and stations, which will have a positive effect on the community and help to improve the health of passengers.”

This Thursday the 18 October The Harvest will host the first ever live event direct from Shoreditch High Street Station.  It will run from 4-9pm with live music from some of London’s top underground talent – LOTOS Music, Melody Kane, Karim Tha Peasant, Saskilla, Fira, Barz, Xera Vera,  Rhea Louise, Omo Frenchie and Anon, hosted by Eunice Olumide MBE.  BAME Youth Training Graduates receiving AQA certificates. Food and drink harvested from the gardens will be served.  Energy Garden is the first city-wide project of its kind, utilising community energy to support horticulture, air quality, biodiversity for London and its local communities, by renovating overground stations of London Overground Stations. To date, the project has successfully engaged and supported more than 60 community groups and 37 schools around 30 gardens, with 10 further station gardens to come in the next few months. The project takes an innovative approach to promoting civic participation, energy co-operatives, community well-being and clean energy; helping to make the city a low-carbon beacon. Energy Gardens support an AQA-accredited Youth Training programme, engaging 16-19-year olds in renewable energy and community development.

Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy: ‘The Mayor’s draft London Environment Strategy sets out his vision to achieve a zero-carbon, greener London. The Mayor cannot achieve these objectives alone and we welcome the range of innovative new community investment models being created around the city. Projects like Energy Garden will not only create new green spaces but allow Londoners to get involved in renewable energy programmes that benefit their local area.’

Join London’s largest co-operative, Energy Garden is now seeking investment to secure long-term financial support through the 4% Community Retail Bond. It is the IF registered ISA, allowing the public to invest in the Energy Garden project from just £50.  www.ethex.org.uk/EnergyGarden

Agamemnon Otero MBE, CEO Energy Garden & Repowering “Transforming travel on the overground, Energy Garden helps passengers to connect with London. Being able to see fruit trees, vegetables and even bees at points along their journey not only creates a more interesting environment on platforms but can improve air quality, enhance local biodiversity and be an educational resource for Londoners.”


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