December 4, 2017 RIZEMAG 0Comment

Winter Trails is a festival of events and activities in Nine Elms  taking  place  from 18 November and 21 December 2017, exploring the seemingly foreboding paths by infusing them  with light, life and colour.   The  trail starts at St George’s Tower and stretches across Nine Elms to Battersea Power Station. It invites the participation of the unique perspectives  of  artists  and  performers,   as  well  as  including  the  local  community and members of the public.   

In  order  to  navigate   the programme, a new map of the area has been created which is packed full of events and workshops including films, stories and installations to tickle and tantalise, offering a completely new perspective through which the neighbourhood can be explored and new routes inspired. 


Winter  Trails is  a  completely  unique  experience  creating  a  series of dynamic encounters designed to enable the audience to really get to know Nine Elms.   
All activities are free to attend, but in some cases advance booking may be required.  Events   can be  pre-booked  via   the website.   All  children  under  16  must  be  accompanied by an adult.