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Some of the UK’s most pioneering talent have collaborated to create Switch, an exhibition in partnership with Fuel Action Poverty, that presents socio-economic issues through inspiring sculptures, prints, paintings and neon.

Curator supermodel Eunice Olumide has selected each artist to bring a distinctive and unique element to the collection. The outcome is an intriguing and insightful exploration of the reality of life, the street and everyday people; seen through the eyes of the creators and straddles both past and present. The groundbreaking collection features four artists:

Max Patté studied at the Wimbledon School of Art in London (1997-2000), and was elected an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2008. Famed for his inimitable lightworks and sculpture it is no wonder he has become a highly collectable artists. Max has been working his adopted homeland of New Zealand. During his regular travels along the North Island’s distinctive southern coastline, he was captivated by the constant tuning of colour, light and rising sea levels.

Ian Berry is one of the most unique contemporary artists of our time utilizing old denim to create his work, citing denim ‘being such a modern urban fabric, after having such rural origins. What better way to capture everyday urban life’. The depth and texture of his work encourages viewers to imagine what is behind the, often melancholic, urban scenes, depicting a lonely or less glamorous side of city living.


James Mylne is a British contemporary artist known for his drawings in ballpoint pen. His technical abilities with the unorthodox art medium have earned Mylne recognition in Europe and the UK, where he is considered a leader in his genre of painting, sculpture and printmaking. Kays’ work is characterised by bold imagery, often drawn from popular culture and art history, acerbic word-play, traditional craftsmanship and deadpan humor.

Lauren Bakers explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions, Lauren Baker’s creations include painted and embellished human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted animal heads. Recent works involve neon, infinity mirror and moving sculpture.

Eunice explains: “The Olumide Gallery represents the most innovative and cutting edge talent of our time – at the heart of our work is love, peace and revolution. Visitors to the gallery will see the reality of life, the street and real people through the eyes of the artists and be spurred into action to support us.”

The Olumide Gallery’s Switch exhibition opens on the 20th February and runs until the 26th February at Clerkenwell London (155 Farringdon Road EC1R3AD).
For more information visit: www.olumidegallerylondon.com