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We  caught  up  with  Anne  Duffau  who  has  been  running  an  exploratory  curatorial  platform named A—Z  at StudioRCA.  One of the main aims of the organisation is to push the boundaries of what an exhibition can be, as well as what curating actually means.

Tell us about your work to date at StudioRCA?

A- – -Z is a morphic entity, it infiltrates unusual spheres, a bit like a virus. Flexible in its format, it offers a platform for practitioners to trigger experiments – looking at what’s happening in art, speculative design, music, ecology and more.  Thinking on how a narrative is often used as a way to address socio-political concerns, A- – -Z started with a screening A– -Apocalypse at V22, with works by Anri Sala, Benedict Drew, Katja Davar, Chris Cunningham, Alicja Rogalska, The Otolith Group and many more.

This  first  event  set  the  tone  for  an  interest  in  sci-fi  and  fiction  in  order to address current issues. A- – -Z disseminates  works  through  printed  matter  to  create  alternative  distribution streams, using formats such as postcards, B—Beyond with Jon Rafman or a calendar Days of the Nones with 12 artists including Emma Hart, Markus Water, Alix Marie, Tai Shani and Doggerland, or a newspaper with the fashion designer Dinu Bodiciu and Kabukimono.

The platform also operates online with projects such as Status Quo; where artists were commisioned to make gifs in relation to their current concerns or moods, including Evan Ifekoya, Martha Rosler, Mark Leckey, Matt Calderwood, Keep it complex – make it clear, Patrick Staff and Erica Scourti.

For the past year, A- – -Z has been based in Nine Elms in a space called StudioRCA Riverlight, at the bottom of apartment towers close to Vauxhall. Exhibitions, discussions, and performances including DJ-ing, large-format video projections and dance have been  taking  place  throughout.  From May 2016 to   September 2017,  A- – -Z presented the  Dusk  Exhibition Series with Ifekoya,  Daniel Shanken, Rehana Zaman, Chooc Ly Tan,   Heather McCalden,  Imran  Perretta,  Johann Arens,  Karolina Lebek   and  Susannah Stark.   Here they exhibited newly commissioned videos and installations for a month each, to get a sense of the experienced from outside the gallery space – fully visible only during the dark hours, and shown for the first time in London. A performance and or talk introduced the project and focused on themes including transgender, sci-fi and the post-human.

How does  StudioRCA contribute and relate to the local community?

We work closely  with a  variety of  organisations and  events in Nine Elms on  art  and  cultural platforms,  from the London Architecture Festival to the Chelsea Fringe Festival, Up projects, Chocolate Films  and  Cultivate.  Reaching our local audience is vital for us.  We are delighted to announce that we have started working with MBE curator and MD at Olumide Galleries Eunice Olumide, who is the StudioRCA PR coordinator.  She has been really supportive and a great  member of  the team.  Joel Chan is our  Technical  Coordinator and  helps us run  our technical  support and general organisation of the exhibition set up.

What do our readers have to look forward to in the future?

The forthcoming show with Vanessa da Silva titled ‘Stranger than Paradise’ is opening on the 7th of December from 6.30pm and will be running until the 28th of January.  The exhibition will consist in a sculptural installation as well as a live performance in the new year.  Using her own lived experiences as a starting point, she was  born and raised in Brazil, now living in London for the last decade.  Da  Silva  is interested in exploring the  space  between national traditions  and  the  complicated  borders  where  identities  and  cultures  mix  and  meet.   We  have a series of solo presentations with  private  views,  talks,  performances  and  screenings  coming  up  and  stay  tuned for the much anticipated work with Erica Scourti, Pio Abad, Larry Achiampong and more!



Photo Credit: St James Berkeley Group