March 14, 2017 RIZEMAG 0Comment

Gaining a greater understanding of the inspiration behind the artworks of the London based artist James Mylne. Having created an exclusive art piece for the Olumide Gallery London ‘SWITCH’ exhibition, Mylne talks us through his work and how the politics behind Dakota Access Pipeline influenced him.

Below is displayed the Red Rock @ Standing Cloud artwork which is currently displayed and for sale at Olumide Galleries London- available online and at Clerkenwell London where the piece will be exhibited until the 23rd of April.


Why did you want to take part in this exhibition? Tell us about your work.

From a personal point of view, it’s a very important time right now especially for me with what’s going on at Standing Rock in Dakota with the access pipeline.   When I started this, there were actually protestors and it was looking like there was some hope with Obama involved.

The green energy awareness tied into it all so well, so for the Olumide Gallery exhibition I chose to do a drawing of a quite famous tribal chief from a long time ago- 400/300 years ago. He’s from the region of Dakota where the pipeline is, he fought the Americans to keep them off his land and right now the protesters are in the same kind of area trying to cordon off capitalists, invaders and people who are ruining their environment- water protectors.

I decided to draw him glitched, sort of an image effect where he’s kind of fading in and out of digital focus. It represents what is happening to these people and to us and our rights and the rights of the people who are looking to have a better future – everything seems to be fading away.  The Fossil fuel industry still have a massive impact negatively around the world and it’s a shame but there it is.