September 26, 2016 RIZEMAG 0Comment

On September 9th Hayward Gallery (in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory) opened an exhibition called ‘The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound and Image’. The exhibition combines both sound and audio-visual materials to create a new kind of experience for the viewers (creative, expressive music videos that have a strong consideration for the interplay between the visuals and sound). The Exhibition is constructed of 10 separate rooms scattered around the building- which display the audio-visual work of 10 different artists; from Stan Douglas  and Ugo Rondinone (displaying his piece “Thanks4Nothing” featuring John Girno), to of course- Cyprien Gaillard.

In the Infinite Mix, Cyprien Galliard displays his film Nightlife (14mins and 56 seconds) which is viewed in 3D with the use of some 3D glasses that are provided at the exhibition. Nightlife was shot at night over two years; the footage was shot in Cleveland, Los Angeles and Berlin. As described “the film is a meditation on the ways in which traumatic events of recent history can be read in or have been memorised by- urban or ‘natural’ landscape, architectures and public spaces.” It is a contemporary piece that demonstrates worthy use of new technology such as drones.

Both visual and audio materials convoy each other beautifully. A relaxing mix of – a looped sample from Alton Ellis’s song – Black Man’s Word that is accompanied by strong visuals of dancing trees and fireworks blazing into the sky. A creative film that demonstrates the artist’s vision and communicates a message through the use of light play within the film’s visu-als.  In  order  to  create an exact feeling and to communicate its message, a strong selection of colours is accentuated thr-oughout the film; vibrancy that allows us to experience the true focus of each shot. When watching the film you soon feel a presence that has been created in these urban areas. The movement of the swinging branches creates vibrancy within the setting making it seem as though the trees were alive. The film becomes more alive from the accordingly assigned sounds; the more intense the visuals are, the more intense the sound becomes.

For those whom have yet to experience Cyprien Gaillard, you will find that the Infinite Mix exhibition runs until December 4th at Haywards Gallery, London. Enjoy the visually and musically pleasing pieces by all of the exhibition’s featured artists. Take a moment, sit back and embrace the new platform of art.