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Hayden Kays is a London based contemporary pop style artist; Through his career he has produced a body of works which includes prints, paintings and sculptures. Kays work largely focuses on provocative subjects to produce engaging and intriguing work. 

He is celebrated for his signature typography and the use of wordplay as a means of contentious expression. Oozing with Irony, sarcasm and loquacity, his works essentially challenge the viewers and initiates interactivity between the work and viewer in order for the art to become more than just a passive consuming vessel.

Having recently completed his first solo exhibition at the Cob Gallery, Kays is now exhibiting work internationally and has a growing public following. From Saatchi to Olumide Gallery and the ICA his work has become a popular choice amongst many celebrities including Harry Styles, Douglas Booth, Chris Martin and Jake Chapman. Kay’s was also responsible for designing the ‘Listen’ album cover for musical sensations ‘The Kooks’.

No Rest for the Weird Kid- Hayden Kays 2015

When and how did you kick-start your passion for art? 

I’ve always loved using my hands and making things, I suppose most children do. I just loved it much more than most, it’s been a constant presence in my life. I can’t imagine not having the urge to make. I grew up in eclectic, colourful surroundings. My mother is creative and filled our home with her distinctive style and taste. This environment undoubtedly played a part in forming my image making mind.

How would you personally describe your work?

Much better than it used to be, nowhere near as good as it’s going to be.

What is it about pop art during the 50’s that inspired you so much?

I like colour and I like graphic design. Advertising and pop also love these elements. No brainer.

On a frequent basis a typewriter style font has been used throughout various pieces of your work. Tell us about your choice of typography and why you have chosen it. 

I didn’t necessarily choose the ‘typewriter font’, I choose to use a typewriter. I would have chosen different fonts on many occasions; however the typical font used by typewriter manufacturers is very similar. I love typewriters as they are all the same yet all unique, just like humans. I read years ago that forensic detectives can identify when a particular typewriter is used in a suicide or ransom note by the pressure each letter impresses and by the microscopic dimples of ink left behind.

You have been previously described as ‘a commentator on capitalist culture’. As an artist what do you feel your role is within the society? 

“Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous.”— Queen Victoria. I think we can leave it there.

What is your aim as an artist? 

Unbounded immortality.

Who would be your ideal person to collaborate with? 

I think I’m a fairly unusual artist in that I love artists. A lot of artists are like comedians, like don’t like the attention being diluted. I’m just a massive fan. I fucking love art. I’d like to collaborate with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now.

Would you describe yourself as defying authority?

I’ve always had the sort of face that authority wants to slap, and it has done, a few times. I suppose I must radiate an utter disdain for figures of control. I genuinely don’t believe anyone is in control of you other than you, no one is your true superior. Self-appointed supremacy must be ridiculed.

What has been your proudest accomplishment?

Getting away with it.


Hayden Kays- Nosey Bastard                                                                 Hayden Kays-Stylist Cover