February 18, 2017 RIZEMAG 0Comment

“A free spirit desires the intangible- the meaning of existence”. With her Autumn/Winter collection,  Taiwanese designer Cecilia Chang took audiences on a journey through the gleaming sun rays of the desert. Rough textures of the fabric, wool blends for protection from sandstorms and laser-burnt textures illustrated the struggle of vagabonds and nomads.

During her studies at The New School of Design in New York City, designer Cecilia Chang got inspired by the unconstrai-ned and freeing atmosphere the city embodies. Chang believes that clothing is an extension of one’s personality and so should be enjoyed without constraints. Being an environmentalist, the handling and manufacturing of garments must be respectful towards nature. All Ceci products are ethically produced and non-toxic or harmful to the environment.

With her Autumn/Winter collection, Chang took her designs out of the city and entered the world of the “stateless vag-abonds”. Ceci’s AW17 runway presentation was divided into two parts. As the spotlights illuminated the first model, the audience was already in awe. The flowing black fabric of a two-piece suit expressed easiness and an effortless eleg-ance. Followed by dresses and coats of similar texture and silhouette, the collection explored the illusions of the indes-cribable that the desert holds. The dark navy and black colour palette used for the first part of the show illustrated the solitude of the estranged nomad.

The second part of the show featured an array of denim. Whether in the form of a patchwork jacket or as a denim woven pair of trousers, designer Cecilia Chang showcased a different side to her usually simple and elegant designs. The heavy denim layering reminded of the shelters, built to protect from sandstorms. Laser-burnt holes in the garments expressed the warmth of the sun and its harsh sun rays. Accessories, such as large golden keys, gave the runway a mystic twist that blended well with the general atmosphere and theme of desert vagabonds.